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Benefits of using AndroidBridge

Grow Unity from a game engine to a full blown app development engine for Android (and soon for iOS too with the upcoming launch of iOSBridge). There are numerous benefits that AndroidBridge offers, some of them are listed below:

  1. All Android, all the time: Developers get access to any and all APIs that they might need from Android including any Java libraries.
  2. Everything you need, nothing you don’t: Only binding code for the required APIs is generated to avoid unnecessary overheads with complete support for code hinting in MonoDevelop, VisualStudio or any other ide developers might be using.
  3. Complete support for polymorphism: Not only you can call Android/Java APIs but also extend any classes and implement any interfaces etc
  4. Full multi-threading support: Don’t be limited by single blocking threads anymore. Want to do some native background stuff done without affecting your fps? With AndroidBridge you can.
  5. Automatic garbage collection: You worry about building those awesome apps and games, let us take care of the garbage with full automatic memory management support across platforms.
  6. Code it, while it’s hot: You don’t have to wait for TerraCode to provide updated APIs for any libraries. Want to use the new feature in the latest version of that library you love? Just point the AndroidBridge to the new library and it will regenerate the latest APIs for you without waiting for any updates from anyone.
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