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  1. ndroidBridge is already considerable fast but it’s still advised to not make these call inside the Update loop/method. Similarly, users are advised to not block main Unity thread especially for calls that are either frequent or take too long instead run them on a background thread.
  2. Currently, this is not enabled to prevent users from messing with it and to focus our energies in supporting and proofing the inner workings of the core. Once the users and the core become mature enough we intend to generate detailed stub code and enable code inlining and other optimizations currently disabled.
  3. Currently, we try to meet 2ms “average” simple method call from Unity to Android on a Nexus 5 device in Pro version and a 4ms “average” inside lite version that has certain debug code embedded to help with further development. Note that these are only averages; in start calling a certain method on a certain type could take more time but overtime types and method calls are internally cached for quicker access.
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